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Dec 18 – Set Sail

with Holland


Three quarters of the way through their World Stage Tour – comprising of 48 cities across 7 continents – SET SAIL return to Australia with their notorious high energy live show ahead of the band’s first national Chasing Summer Tour.

While the boys were scooting around the globe turning down record deals, getting arrested in Madrid, playing to a crowd of thousands in their under-jocks in London, and recording their new single in the back of a van in the US of A, they realised a return to Australia was necessary to regain a speedo tan.

SET SAIL are the first band to go from busking to headlining a national tour. The three-piece that make-up SET SAIL, who all dropped out of university with the ambitious idea of making music to fund a trip around the world, are gathering an impressive following online via their YouTube and Facebook – at last count over 13,000 loyal fans are following every move of Brandon, Josh and Josiah’s global adventure.

“On the World Stage Tour everything was stripped down to its most minimalist, basic form. It’s cool because it gives you nothing to work with, there’s no stage, lights or PA to make you look and sound better than you are. On the street it’s just the music and people,” comments front-man, Brandon.

April 2011 saw the release of THE RILEY MOORE EP, a debut offering from the band, recorded at BJB Studios in Sydney. They’ve sold almost 10,000 copies of the EP, which includes HOME, WHALES, WARM UP, and new single, THE BOAT SONG – scheduled for release late November. THE BOAT SONG showcases the world-class musicianship and contagiously hook-driven song writing from SET SAIL.

From the street to the stage, SET SAIL have been making headlines around the world and return to Australia for their national Chasing Summer Tour. One of the most captivating live shows to step-off a Virgin flight from who-knows-where, you’ll be kicking the curb barefooted if you miss out!

The guys are ecstatic to be back in Australia, “Sweden’s cool, Iceland’s gorgeous but Australia’s like home. It’s good to be back, we’re excited to take the raw energy from the street shows and bring that to our fans on a full system with backing band, strings, horns – got a lot planned for these shows.”

Joining SET SAIL on the Chasing Summer Tour is Brisbane band, HOLLAND, plus special guests. HOLLAND’s debut EP and single NO CONTROL is out 11 November through Sony Music Australia.

Check out the Chasing Summer Tour announcement from SET SAIL on YouTube at this link,

Bringing their own brand of highly infectious music to the masses, one city and one street at a time, don’t miss out on catching a SET SAIL show. 10% of all tickets sales from the Chasing Summer Tour will be donated to Compassion Australia.

Jan 15 – Beth Orton


It’s been nearly six years in the making, but come January 2012, iconic eclectic British singer/songstress Beth Orton makes her long awaited return to Australia for a series of solo acoustic concert dates.

The British chanteuse begins her run of shows in Brisbane on Sunday 15th January at the Old Museum Concert Hall, before heading to Sydney for two shows on Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th January at the City Recital Hall as part of the Sydney Festival.  The tour then continues to Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre on Friday 20th January, The Gov in Adelaide on Saturday 21st January before finishing up in Perth with shows at The Quarry on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th January.

Not seen down under since touring her 2006 opus Comfort of Strangers, Beth promises an intimate show that will feature material from all her classic recordings — including Trailer Park (1996) and her two Australian chart successes Central Reservation (1999) and Daybreaker (2002) — as well as a special sneak preview of songs from her highly anticipated upcoming album.

A fiercely independent trend-bucker from the very outset of her career, Beth Orton is well-renowned for her collaborations as for her own work — collaborations which range in style from her early ground-breaking and innovative sessions with William Orbit and The Chemical Brothers (recordings widely acknowledged as pre-figuring the folktronica movement), to her tender haunting vocals for folk legend Bert Jansch’s Black Swan album.

In the time since her last release Comfort of Strangers, Beth has been busy raising a family; but with a new album imminent in 2012 (on her new label, US based ANTI-), Beth explains the interval was also a period for some serious introspection: “The truth of the matter is I’ve taken off time to reassess my work, to think about the songs I write, and what it is I love most about what I do. It’s taken a lot to just really pull it down and deconstruct it and build it back up again. It’s taken me this long to get a body of work together that I feel proud of; but these songs are like nothing I’ve ever written.”

Hot on the heels of recording her new album, Beth Orton’s upcoming Australian dates will offer not just a rare opportunity to catch this esteemed artist, but also witness her in the process of defining a new chapter in her music.


Mar 14 2012 – The Blanks

aka ‘Ted’s Band’ from TV show SCRUBS

A cappella/Sketch comedy

The Blanks’ unique original
show appeals to fans of “Scrubs” but just as equally to fans of the TV show
“Glee,” The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, and Monty Python

News flash: A
cappella is hip! Seriously, there’s a growing interest in a cappella music that
has crossed over to the MySpace/Facebook generation. It has officially become
cool to be in an a cappella band! There are groups springing up on college
campuses across the country, many inspired by The Blanks. Leading this pack of
cool is a quartet of friends, The Blanks, who appear on the worldwide
syndicated television show Scrubs as “Ted’s Band.” In a case of life
imitating art (or is it art imitating life?), the group was written into the
script as a quartet of friends who like to sing a cappella music. Bizarre, huh?
Group member Sam Lloyd played the recurring role of character “Ted Buckland” on
all nine seasons of Scrubs on
NBC and later ABC, now airing on Comedy Central, TV Land, WGN, and a
host of other local/regional channels just in the US.  The show is on several times a day everywhere
in the US, giving the Blanks a constant boob tube presence. The kids like it.
Their parents like it. Sam is joined by Paul F. Perry, George Miserlis and
Philip McNiven. In 2004, the Blanks released their debut CD, “Riding the
Wave” (Parody Records). In 2008 they began touring. In 2008 they also made

Based in Los
Angeles, The Blanks perform and sing family‐friendly (cool) entertainment with
plenty of (hip) musical and sketch comedy. They sing a cappella versions of
popular TV show theme songs ranging from “Charles In Charge” to “Six Million
Dollar Man,” and commercial jingles like “By Mennen.” They’ve put words to
songs without lyrics, such as the “Good Old Days,” the theme from The Little
. The only instruments you’ll find on stage are talking toys ‐
that’s right, four grown men who still play with action figures. Not ones to
rest on their laurels nor teeter on the edge of rebellion and artistic bravado
with their choice of deodorant commercials, the Blanks wrote some original
numbers that sound like songs even they might want to cover!  You haven’t seen anything quite like it
before. They love to sing, entertain and make people laugh, so their shows
include skits, antics, choreography (the kind a 5-year old could memorize), talking
toys as lead singers, and costume changes.

A note on the costume changes: they’re not Cher, and they’re not Madonna.
Because… They’re men! Men who sing. Men who dance. Men who’ll make the milk
you’re drinking spray right out your nose with a funny glance.

Come see them live and you’ll be in for a night of laughs, songs and their
version of entertainment for any age.